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United Environmental Solutions, LLC
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  1. D. Rossi says:

    I purchased two Berkey water systems and a shower filter from United Environmental Solutions last year as Christmas presents—what could be better than the gift of clean, healthy water?! Dan was extremely helpful and very pleasant to work with. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all thoroughly and patiently. Shopping can be hectic during the holiday season, and although supplies were running low and there were issues with shipping (not the fault of UES!), Dan took care of every detail going above and beyond good customer service to SUPERIOR customer service to make sure my order arrived in time for Christmas. I have referred many friends to UES and will continue to do so without hesitation, and I will continue to take advantage of their expertise and commitment to excellent products, services and pricing.

  2. Ben R. says:

    I purchased a Berkey Water Filter from United Environmental Solutions a little over a year ago. I had many questions and they were very helpful helping me pick out the best one for my family. A couple weeks ago when I noticed the fluoride/arsenic filters were slowing down I started wondering when I need to replace the filters. I just happened to get an email from the company to remind me it was probably about time for a new filter based on how many gallons it had filtered. What awesome timing! So they are even helpful many many months after the initial purchase.

  3. Lindsay B. says:

    I have purchased a Berkey water filter and two shower filters from UES, and have referred numerous family and friends, all of which have had wonderful experiences! Dan has absolutely bent over backwards to accommodate my many questions, and has worked tirelessly to provide myself, my family, and friends with quality products at the best prices available. I am getting a whole-house system for thousands less than the cheapest option I’ve found commercially (at Costco!). I can’t help but wonder if the poor reviewer was mistaken in writing the review – perhaps he was talking about a different company? I’ve experienced zero pressure or deceptive practices, quite the opposite!! I have absolutely nothing but wonderful thing to say about UES. Will definitely continue using them, and will continue to recommend them to my family and friends.

  4. Jessica L. says:

    I recently purchased a whole house water filter from UES. I had a wonderful experience. I am confident they worked to get me the best system possible for my exact needs at the best price possible. All other systems I looked at were significantly more expensive and less ideal for my situation. UES went above and beyond to look specifically at my area to make sure I have pure, safe water for my family. Dan was excellent to work with, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I am definitely recommending this company to my family and friends.

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